How does this work?

Point app at graphic on a Drawsta product, swipe for animations, tap eye for content, record & share. New animation weekly!  

Help, the animations aren't popping up.

Make sure you have a Drawsta product and you are pointing the app's camera at the graphic. If you're having trouble, have the phone come closer to the graphic, unbunch your tee, make sure there isn't a shadow, white light or anything blocking the graphic. If you still do not see any animations pop up, quit and reopen. And if that doesn't work please contact us here. :)

Why don't I have new animations? 

Your app will auto download the new animations at least 1x a week. If you're not getting them, make sure you have the latest version of the app - check your updates. 

How do I report a bug? 

Please email us here and thanks in advance for reporting the bug! 

Can I request animations?  

Yes, please! Request here

I missed the prior week(s) content, can I go back?

No, it's temporary  - but we may provide the ability to do in app purchases to keep the content, or redisplay the content depending on how many requests we get, and/or have the ability to resubscribe.  Send us feedback - we wanna know your thoughts.