How To

YES! Time to apply your animated temporary tats. Have fun! 


Download the app

Download the Drawsta iPhone app to experience the animations.


Pick an easy-to-see spot on your body to apply the tat with a wet cloth, hold for 30 sec

Pro tips:

  • The optimal spot is where you can see it with the app's camera. Avoid the side of your neck, back, etc unless you want someone else filming.
  • Avoid wrinkly places like your neck & other crevices where your body wrinkles because your tattoo will also wrinkle and look blah.
  • Once you put it on lightly rinse with water to avoid the sticky stuff getting dirt on it.

Animate it

  • Open the Drawsta app and point its camera close to the tattoo. 
  • Make sure you can see the tat 100% with plenty of light & nothing blocking the tat.
  • Once the animation gets picked up you can move the app's camera further away - around 5 feet away - btw our tees go around 10 feet away!
  • Swipe for more animations! Record, share and mention us (@drawsta) so we can regram!