What would you rather have: a tee that doesn't change or a living breathing ever-changing animated tee? 

Hi I'm Heather Lipner, the founder & creative director. 

Drawsta was born soon after my last endeavor, Clashist, got shut down. As many of the fans know, Clashist was humorous by way of its cultural commentary and was light and entertaining enough to wear and share. I believe Clashist's meaningful prints were what grew the incredibly open and diverse community. 

When I had to rethink my next gig, not only did I want to continue creating fun and topical fashion but I wanted to do it in a digital manner that was better for the environment.

Drawsta contains a renewable digital dimension of animations & content to interact with, share, discuss, and feel. We can therefore produce fewer physical tees, contribute less waste, but give more to digest, creatively share, and experience how we do change together.

Share the videos you make: @drawsta & contact for collaborations.