How does it work?

The Drawsta tees have special images on them and when you point our iPhone app at our tee our layer of augmented reality (AR) graphics and sound attach to the garment as designed & programmed. You and whomever you show experience it through the app, can go up to 9 feet away from the phone, and can capture and share to all social.

And no you can't experience the AR graphics without looking through the app. You've probably used AR before - perhaps those Snapchat masks - so you probably know how it works! 

How do I get my tee to animate?

Point our free iPhone app's camera at a Drawsta tee and an augmented reality layer of digital animations pops on & locks to the tee viewable on the app's screen. 

With the IRL & Random tees, swipe through animations. Per animation, tap the eye icon for bonus content. 

With the Statement teesdouble tap to write, color, style! 

What do the tees look like without vrs with animations?

You get 2 states of your tee: static & animated. Without the app, the tees have static screen printed graphics on them. With the app you get a layer of animations & sound that stick to the tee. Check out the product pages to see the shirts with and without animations and follow the instagram to see more people wearing the t-shirts. 

Watch this video to see how it works

Will everyone get the same thing per week?

All people with the Random tee will be get the same Random animations and everyone with the IRL tee with get the same IRL content. The Statement tees - you style and save your animated text.

Can I demo before I buy? 

While there's nothing better than experiencing it in person by wearing it and moving around, demo how the app works by getting the free iPhone app (or search drawsta on app store) and point the app at a tee below, focus, swipe for more animations on tee on left & double tap to change txt for tee on right! 

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Can I share to social media?

Yes - take burst (gif like) and normal videos of yourself/others while wearing the tee(s) animating. Share on any social channel. 

How many seconds is the animation?

3 - 15 sec animation loops, which goes on and on while pointing at t-shirt. 

Can I wash it?

Yes of course, the technology will not be affected. Reverse it and wash cold tho - that's best practice to keep a screen printed shirt looking fresh.

What size should I get? 

It fits like a standard unisex tee so get your normal size. The first time you open it up it's a bit bigger than you'd expect - but it shrinks a bit so after 1 wash it will be the fit you want. 

Where is the tee made & what is its fabric content? 

Made in the US, printed in Los Angeles. White/Blk: 100% cotton and Heather Grey: 50poly/50cotton.

Can I return it if I don’t like the fit or content?

All unworn apparel can be returned. Please contact us here to issue the return.

Can I create, submit, request animations or create my own AR experience?

Yes if you're a customer request graphic animations or you can make your own animated text with the Statement tees. And yes, we're also interested in all types of collaborations. Contact us here.

How do I order? 

Pick a t-shirt & tap order.